Create Your Yurt

Yurt Materials

Our yurts are made from high quality wood most of which we harvest ourselves. The structure of the yurt is made from three main pieces; the steam bent crown that is called tono in Mongolia;  The roof poles, uni and the wall sections, khanas, the number of which varies according to the size of the yurt. All of these are held together under tension and create a structure that is robust and strong. With the yurts at 6m diamter or bigger we also supply central columns, bagana, that support the crown. All of our yurts come with a hardwood door as standard and all the internal woodwork is treated with protective linseed oil.

The canvas cover is sewn from either 100% cotton or a mix of polyester and cotton, depending on the climate, and the use the yurt will have. Polycotton is 400g/m2 and is a material that combines the qualities of each being durable and impermeable in areas with high rainfall. The fabric for the yurt interior is sewn with a fine unbleached cotton fabric. All the fabrics are treated to repel water and resist mould.

On this page you will find the prices of our standard yurts followed by information about the extras we offer to customise it for your needs.



Prices for a standard yurt

3m diameter £3370

4m diameter £4050

5m diameter £4800

6m diameter £5500

7m diameter £6250


We also offer a variety of doors that can be made with pine or chestnut. The prices vary depending on the size of the door and the type of wood used.

Double door  £150-250
Door with glass windows £240-340
Stable door £100-150
Screen door  £110-150


  • Window with flexible plastic sewn into the canvas 1m x 1.5m £190
  • Double-glazed glass window with a frame 1m x 1.5m £380
  • For windows of different sizes and shapes contact us for more information



This is the central round piece of the yurt roof and it is made by steam bending the wood.

The standard yurt has a rustic crown of oak or chestnut and hazel. It is covered with a canvas hood and can have a transparent plastic window sewn into it.

The other option is a crown with windows of plexiglass and a ventilation point. This is made with oak or chestnut and costs £500   


There are many options for insulating a yurt. We can share with you our research and experience. We really like hemp insulation and we have a list of providers where you can compare prices with different thicknesses and quantities. Thickness usually ranges from 3-10cm and is supplied in large rolls.

We can fit insulation for you as part of the yurt set up. Get in touch with us to discuss prices and set up.


  • It is possible you are considering a fireproof canvas cover if your yurt is for public use. These canvases have a different price, contact us for details.


If you plan to install a stove in your yurt we can make an exit point in the wall of the yurt and in the canvas cover for the chimney.  £50

We can also suggest materials to insulate the wall of the yurt behind the stove and can supply them.
Flexible silicone flashing £25-65
Heat resistant insulation panel £ 25- 45


Wooden platforms

We make wooden platforms for structures that are more permanent. They range from simple designs made from beams and floorboards to more complex designs with multi layers that include an insulation layer and waterproofing layer. We can make these for any size yurt or dome.

You can also extend the yurt base to add a balcony or terrace as well as stairs and railings. As there are so many variables to the design we calculate the price when we know exactly what you are looking for.