Introducing our Yurts

We make yurts by hand, building them from local and sustainable materials. We harvest much of the wood ourselves. The yurt is designed to be nomadic and we have found ourselves building them in various places and this changes the source material. In the semi-desert region of Almeria in the south of Spain we use wood from the agave plant. In the north of Spain, in the forested mountains of Asturias we use chestnut and in Yorkshire, UK the woods are oak, hazel and ash.

Every person or family or organisation has their own reasons for buying a yurt and you may already be starting to imagine how yours might look and feel. We design each yurt in close collaboration with our customers to make sure it meets all your needs. We offer a selection of extras that you can choose from to make it yours.


Yurt Homes

Yurts have a long history, used as dwellings by the nomadic populations of Mongolia for 25 centuries. Made by hand from the from the materials available to them on the great steppes, the yurt has to be easy to put up and take down as it is carried each season to the next settlement. We have seen them still being used today both in the cities and the rural areas of Mongolia.

Today the construction of yurts has extended to many parts of the world and has been adapted to different climates and cultures. New materials are available for canvas covers and insulation that make them durable and help regulate temperatures. They are increasingly being used as permanent homes, a guest yurt in the garden, at festivals and glamping sites, for events and celebrations, for yoga and meditation retreats, as boutique accommodation, workshop spaces and classrooms: all proof of their versatility.

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