In the beginning

Picture this, two people who love working with their hands and making things, cutting wood, peeling bark off poles, being outside rain or shine, suddenly realise that to gather together the best examples of their work and let people know about it, they are going to have to get savvy with a computer. Indoors.

We have experience in all sorts of ecobuilding, from straw bale homes to polytunnels made with bamboo to thermal mass masonry stoves. We have designed and dug and planted gardens and food forests. We have run workshops and courses on all of the above. But computers, well that has always been someone else’s responsibility. So, figuring out how to build a website has been interesting, slow at times but with surprising opportunities for being creative. It has been enjoyable to work out what we want to communicate with you in this virtual world, what to tell and show you. This blog is dedicated to sharing our experiences as yurt and dome builders. We won’t mention computers again, and will focus on the real and practical part of what we are passionate about doing, making beautiful structures out of natural materials.


Kirsty Heron

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