Create your Dome

Materials for the Geodesic Dome


The frame of our domes is made with sturdy pine poles, treated with linseed oil to protect them from humidity.

The canvas cover is sewn from either 100% cotton or a blended fabric of polyester and cotton, depending on the geographic location that the dome will be built in and also what the dome will be used for. The polycotton is 400g/m2; this blend of polyester and cotton combines the qualities of each material, making it long-lasting and impermeable in places with high rainfall.

On this page you will find information about the prices of our standard dome which is the wooden frame and the canvas cover in a variety of sizes. Our standard dome has as entrance with a zip or a cord through eyelets, protected from the rain by a flap with velcro. The eyelets around the skirt of the canvas cover enable it to be tied down in case of strong winds. The pvc skirt is sewn around the base of the canvas cover which protects the fabric from damp and muddy surfaces.
Here we also outline the numerous extras that we offer so that you can custom design your dome. We are happy to hear about any ideas that you have that don’t appear here.



Prices for a standard dome

3m diameter   £2450

4m diameter   £2800

6m diameter    £3500

8m diameter  £4400



Our standard dome comes with a canvas door with a zip included in the price. We also offer a variety of other doors made from wood and canvas or porches. These prices vary according to the size of the door and the type of wood used. 

Door of solid wood £250-350
Wooden door with glass panels £300-£400
Screen door £100-140

Canvas porch £100-300



There are many options for insulating a dome and also the wooden base. We can share with you our research and experience. Hemp insulation is one option especially good for floors. We have a list of providers where you can compare prices with different thicknesses and quantities. Thickness usually ranges from 3-10cm and is supplied in large rolls.

For covering a dome a radiant barrier insulation is an option because it is light and flexible . The reflective aluminium rolls padded with bubble wrap or cardboard reflect heat back into the dome.

We can fit insulation for you as part of the dome set up. Get in touch with us to discuss prices and set up.




  • Cotton lining for dome interior

         3m                               6m
         4m                               8m

  • It is possible you are considering a fireproof canvas cover if your yurt is for public use. These canvases have a different price, contact us for details.
  • We can also provide untreated inner cotton linings


If you plan to install a stove in your dome we can make an exit point for the chimney in the canvas cover.  £50

We can also suggest materials to insulate the wall of the yurt behind the stove and can supply them.
Flexible silicone flashing £25-65
Heat resistant insulation panel £ 25- 45



Wooden platforms

We make wooden platforms for structures that are more permanent. They range from simple designs made from beams and floorboards to more complex designs with multi layers that include an insulation layer and waterproofing layer. We can make these for any size yurt or dome.

You can also extend the dome base to add a balcony or terrace as well as stairs and railings. As there are so many variables to the design we calculate the price when we know exactly what you are looking for.