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We make yurts, geodesic domes and other beautiful structures for living and playing in, crafting shelters with the local woods that are available. We specialise in yurts and geodesic domes and also make other structures for gardens, homes and events. We offer basic models that can be personalised for your specific wishes and we are happy to co-design with you.

You are invited to explore our pages for yurts and domes which include some background and history on these structures as well as the different design options you can choose from. For more permanent skyshelters we build wooden platforms, balconies and decking. Other services we offer include sewing new covers for existing yurts, domes, and other large tent structures, such as gazebos and marquees, and we also offer a repair service for yurt and dome covers and other large fabric shade structures.

Some people make our yurts and domes their home. For others it is an event or teaching space, or a guest room, an art workshop or hideaway in the woods.

interior de la yurta casa muebles / yurt home interior furniture


These are spaces that feel good to be in, a place of close interaction between indoors and outdoors.


Highly adaptable to different climates and used in extremes such as snowy mountains, rainy woodlands and dry dusty deserts.

Our ethos

We are passionate about crafting spaces that feel great to be in. With many years of experience with permaculture and bioconstruction, designing places for people to live and play in that have a positive impact on the environment is very important to us.

We are dedicated to sourcing materials ethically and locally. In 2016 we bought a small woodland and are currently mapping it and designing a stewardship plan for coppicing the trees for yurts and other structures we build whilst maintaining and increasing the biodiversity. We are planting native broadleaf trees and making habitats for wildlife.